May 21, 2011

DAY 13-15

I’m in Terelj National Park, just outside Ulaan Bataar. It’s spectacular.

I wake, pick the tallest peak I can see from my ger and hike it.

At the top you can see forever. I have brought binoculars exactly for this purpose. I feel like sketching. I can see hills and mountains in 360 degrees. I’m pretty sure I’m at the highest point in the park. I can’t draw, so I take a tonne of pictures instead.

From another peak I watch cloud shadows pour down the mountains and roll across the valley floor in a majestic and relentless march. It is breathtaking.

There are small children that look at me with deep suspicion. So do the goats.

By night, dogs bark across the valley.

I grow accustomed to the flora and fauna. There are little sheet-white, canary and mauve flowers, and there are bones. Brittle trees and purple blossom beginning to show. Broad hills with buttercups. Evidence of shamanism.

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